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Welcome to Wisewolf Life Coaching, Career Coaching and Business Coaching

Welcome to Wisewolf Coaching. Wendy Mason Smith is a Life, Career and Business Coach and she can help you. Phone Wendy at 07867681439 now for your first FREE one hour coaching session or follow this link

Below you can find some more information about Wendy and some useful and interesting posts to help you and your personal development

Meet Wendy

I can help you work out your best way forward. We will work together to find your best options and I will help you make plans for a better life. I can help with your career, your business or with your life outside work.  Are you looking for work or career development. Do you want to start a business. Perhaps you want to be better at managing stress, your own or other people's? May be you need help with relationships. Feel more confident and more positive about your life? 
I am a qualified and experienced coach - I've been coaching for the last ten years. I am trained in several different coaching approaches, but I do not work to a formula - my coaching is all about you and your needs. Most of my clients come to me with a problem. Sometimes they want to start a new initiative or go in a new direction. Other times they have lost a sense of direction in their lives or feel they have lost purpose   Together we work to help them work out exactly what they want and to move forward.   My clients say they have found me supportive and easy to work with. I have written books on job search and getting on with the boss at work. When I'm not coaching, I'm a poet and creative writer.

Training, qualifications & experience

I had a successful career across both public and commercial sectors. I hold an Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching with Distinction. This was an Association for Coaching accredited course with 240 hours of study. I am a graduate of the Confidence Coaching Graduate Training Program (an International Coach Federation approved course) and I hold  certificates in Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance and in the Science of Happiness Advanced Diploma in Life Coaching (Distinction) Confidence Coaching Graduate Training Program - Certificate - ICF approved Confidence coaching course Mindfulness for Well-being and Peak Performance - Certificate - Monash University GG101x: The Science of Happiness - Certificate - BerkeleyX, on-line learning initiative from the University of California, Berkeley Member Association for Coaching and The Institute of Consulting Common Purpose Graduate Trained in Change Management

A few quotes from clients

  • “… very supportive and encouraging …a massive source of inspiration to me.” CC
  •  "… provided many different perspectives on problems and challenges.” DA 
  •  “I would thoroughly recommend her…” DA 
  •   “…very helpful and considerate … not lacking a sense of humour and I would unreservedly recommend.” T.S 
  •   “… tactful in her approach and able to win hearts and minds.” S.B
  • “… extremely supportive …” G.S. ” Thanks, I’m now in a much better career place and got the break I needed….” K.R. 
  •   “… a great listener, very observant and quickly pointed out negative beliefs that were holding me back. She is very experienced in her field … her advice was very insightful and encouraged me to take action. … I never felt pressured because I always had the freedom to make my own decisions.” T.M
  • “… personable style made me feel thoroughly comfortable with discussing difficult issues” D.S
  • “… her positive attitude gave my confidence a much needed boost… flexible approach to coaching, taking time out in the evenings, during weekends and at short notice. P. M
  • “… an excellent active listener … encouraged me to remain positive and upbeat. She has reawakened my confidence and lit a spark under my creativity.” D.M. 
Wendy holds professional indemnity insurance and abides by the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches and Mentors of the Association for Coaching and the European Mentoring and Coaching Council. This is your reassurance of quality

Contact Wendy to arrange your first FREE  one hour coaching session phone now at 07867681439 or follow  this link



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