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Leading from Within

"For me, leadership is a shared responsibility for creating a better world in which to live and work.  It manifests in our passion to engage others in bringing about purposeful change."  Leading From Within -  Nancy Huber Harvard Business Review on the Mind of the Leader Emotion is not always given its due importance in leadership literature. This is what the Harvard Business Review  has to say about ‘The mind of the Leader’: “If you are looking for leaders, how can you identify people who are motivated by the drive to achieve rather than by external rewards? The first sign is a passion for the work itself — such people seek out creative challenges, love to learn and take great pride in a job well done. They also display an unflagging energy to do things better and are forever raising the performance bar.” Since we can’t all lead, all the time, it is emotion - passion for a particular work - more than intelligence - that can help us find who has the potential for leade